Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shane's Account of our Day

"Wow" what a day we had, we did a lot of cleaning. The first thing that we did was meet with Mr. Ted Quant from the Twomey Center. He had a meeting, but made a little bit of time to talk to us. He is really involved in trying to get New Orleans rebuilt and to make sure that poor people are able to come back to the city. He also talked about how he is impressed with the way that a lot of youth are using hip hop culture to organize in their communities. Then we went out to eat Ms. Jean Brown who is the assistant to Mr. Quant. We had some of the best Gumbo in town.

After we ate we went to see her house that had been flooded with water and had nothing left. Here are some pictures of her house. SHe told us about how her house used to be and that she may rebuild but she is probably not going to move back.

Once we got done looking at her house we helped her to get some stuff out of her attic on Thursday. It was a little dangerous becuase parts of the ceiling had fallen down so there were holes in the ceiling. From her house, which was in New Orleans East, we went to another house in New Orleans East. The house had already been gutted so we had to scrub the wood beams to try to get off dirt so we could put bleach them and get out the mold.

It was really tiring but I got over it and just did what I had to do. One of the things that I felt most good about was helping people be able to get back into their homes. Well I am about to do some other things now and I hope that you stay with the blog because there will be alot coming up. Peace.

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Keep up the good work you guys!