Thursday, February 23, 2006

Valcine's Account of the Wed, the 22nd

Wat up,

"This is Valcine coming 2 ya, live @ 12:11 in New Orleans " Just wanted to catch you guys/girls up on wats been up! I've had a very long day, this afternoon we were cleaning out a water-damaged, mold-infested house. You couldn't imagine! We had to scrub the wood planks and since the water was turned off in the house we had to haul water from a broken water main down the street. Wearing plastic suits and face masks made it really hot and we had to be careful not to hit our hands on the nails sticking out of the wood.

The day ended with a very fun, exciting Mardi Gra parade! We got a lot of beads to give to our friends back home. I have been taken in so much since I've been here including good food and nice weather, way better than it would be in Boston this time of year.

Even with our cold weather, I am missing the 617 and will be very excited to get back home. I will leave you with the reminder to keep checking our blog, because there is more to come including pic's especially of serious damaged houses, funny Mardi Gras parade , all the nice people we've met and more!!!

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