Sunday, February 19, 2006

We are finally in New Orleans (T.J.)

After more than 41 hours of traveling we have finally arrived at the Carollton United Methodist Church. Thankfully the church has wireless, so we will be able to update our blog every day without trouble. Here is what we have to say on the eve of our first real day in New Orleans......

This is TJ.

When I was at home I was packing all of my stuff and I was kinda nervous. This is my first time leaving Boston. Half of me didn't want to go and half of me was excited to go.

Some things have been a little tough. Sleeping on the bus, having to get up at 2'o'clock in the morning to get off of the bus so it could be cleaned. Basically traveling is tiring. By the time we finally go to New Orleans, the first thing I was thinking about what taking a shower, changing my clothes, and talking to my mother.

Now that I am showered, I feel pretty good. I am still a little stressed about being away from my mother, not having all the money I was supposed to have for the trip, and running low on cell phone minutes - but I'm feeling a little bit more relaxed. As I dictate this entry, Valcine is picking out my hair so that I will look decent when we go get something to eat.

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