Monday, August 13, 2012

Meeting w/ Cleveland Sellers

Hey what's up it’s Blair again. And today the crew and I went into South Carolina to see Mr. Cleveland Sellers; former member of SNCC, and current president of Voorhees College, which is a HBCU (historically black college/university).

First, we had to hop out of the cars to perform for freshmen who were waiting for us for over an hour. I felt bad for making them wait. However we got there and did what we were supposed to do and they enjoyed it and hopefully received a message. Despite the fact that I fell after I jumped off the stage and everyone laughed. But I said my piece and it kind of redeemed me, but I needed some Vaseline for my rug burn.

After the show, we went to go to talk to him and ask him questions about his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. He was a very good person to talk to about being strong and having your wits about you while you desire to make a change. This man was friends with Dr. King and they shared great times together. We asked many questions and he answered them with good humor and great intellectual confidence.

Something that stuck out to me was a personal moment when we were saying goodbye and he shook my hand and said: “I expect great things from you. Don’t stay quiet, speak up and say what you need to say”. That really affected me because many people expect greatness of me and for someone as important to my history as him to see something in me worth nurturing with his words and example of his life was really powerful. But he nurtured all of us by his example of standing up for what he believes and not letting the baton fall by the wayside without being passed to the next generation. I really appreciate it. All in all I believe that he was a man of not many words but a man of action and leadership by example. Catch all of you laters. Bye alligators! J

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Enjoyed your humorous & appreciative commentary. Continue to enjoy & embrace the experiences of the tour. PEACE!